One of the misconceptions about financial planning is that it is only about investing, and that you need a lot of money before you start.

Financial Planning

That’s the fault of many investment advisers who decided to call themselves Financial Planners without being one.

Financial planning is all about looking at where you are now, where you want to be, and providing a path to get there. Then it’s about regularly reviewing to make sure you are on track.

Everyone is different. For example, maybe you:

  • are middle aged, have a mortgage, kids, some consumer debt, and you are wondering how you are going to pay off the mortgage, help the kids with university, protect the family if something happens to you, have some lifestyle, and have enough money in retirement.
  • have just started in the workforce, and want to buy a house in a few years, clear your student debt, and start to build wealth.
  • are looking at saving for a large purchase like a car, or saving to travel overseas. This is where financial planning comes in.

We review your current situation, your plans, your goals, your biases, your likes, dislikes, etc in all the areas of financial services; from finance, debt, insurance, investing, retirement, budgeting, etcetera. With the financial plan you get a clear plan of attack to achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals and a series of benchmarks to track your progress.

We then meet regularly to see how you are going and change the plan as necessary, and we are available if something comes up that could change your plan.

So, if you are just starting out and want to make sure you get where you want to be, or you feel you are in a grind financially and cannot find the way forward, get in touch and discuss a financial plan with us.

Financial Planning