I Saved This Client over $230,000 with Common Sense Advice

When I started out in this role, it was always with the long term mission to help people grow wealth and save money.  This is a long term plan, so it takes a while to see the results.

I first met Chitose in early 2006 to help her get mortgage finance for her first home in New Zealand, or indeed anywhere.

She had talked to a bank and it was all too much.  Chitose speaks English better than I speak Japanese, but is not 100% fluent, so a lot of the jargon just went over her head.

I helped her get the mortgage, advised on the structure and got her into her new home.  I also made sure she had the right insurances for her situation to help her if something stopped her being able to work, and also if her house burned down.

Over the next 8 and a bit years, I continued to advise Chitose about her mortgage, such as the fixed rates and looking at paying the loan off faster.  During this time I also helped Chitose join the right KiwiSaver scheme.

In 2015, 1 week shy of the 9 year anniversary of her mortgage starting, Chitose discharged her mortgage, having paid it off fully.  No family money or winnings were used, just the DUX Financial Services strategy.  I estimate Chitose saved at least $232,000 in interest she would have paid the bank otherwise.

Chitose has now redirected her mortgage payment money into more retirement savings, so that she has the option to either retire early or retire with a lot more money.

I look forward to working with her on the rest of her financial journey.


Chitose Testimonial 2015

(Chitose and some students on mortgage free day)

Alan is an excellent financial advisor who always clearly explains your financial situation and how you should manage your financial matters. He is an honest and conscientious person who you can totally trust.
Alan Borthwick has provided me with financial advice since February 2006 when I decided to buy a house in Upper Hutt.
The first advice Alan gave me was which bank I should choose for my mortgage. He researched several banks for me and recommended the one he felt would be best in my situation. I really believe it was the best choice and made a huge difference to my mortgage repayment plan. His advice helped make my mortgage repayment journey much shorter.
Alan suggested that I should pay down my mortgage if I had some extra savings. He acted and negotiated with the bank very quickly and arranged all necessary details on my behalf.
Alan has also given me advice about KiwiSaver Plans. He arranged everything for me and I am very pleased that I started KiwiSaver with the company he recommended at that time.
Alan is always helpful and supportive and provides me with suitable advice on financial matters when needed.

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