Mortgage Finance Wellington. In general, getting a mortgage is pretty easy, if you have high incomes, a large deposit, clean credit and want a nice normal house.

Mortgage Finance Wellington – DUX Mortgages

Mortgage Finance Wellington - DUX Mortgages

Of course, if you are missing some of those things, then it can be tricky and one lender is not the same as all of them.

But, the main question is, once you have the finance, what do you do with it?

Is the lender going to be telling you all the way to realistically pay the loan off faster?

Will they explain their products clearly and help you save money?

Will they help through the process of buying a house, making the offer, getting the conditions sorted and keeping it stress free?

Will they be any use if you want to do something complicated like building a house or buying multiple rentals?

DUX Mortgage Finance Wellington does all of that, and more.  We provide advice from the start to the finish, and into the future; keep it stress free and help you save interest on your loan.  And, while we are doing that we will get the mortgage finance approved for you, so you don’t have too much around with the lender.

So, for a stress free process and mortgage finance get in touch.