Building a house should be one of the best things you can do in terms of property finance. 

Property Finance – Building a House

Property Finance

After all, you get to choose what your house will look like, what rooms are where, and have it all the way you like.

Unfortunately, building a house often ends up being the most stressful thing anyone can do, and very few people would do it twice.

This is often because they are drowned in all the details, and are not sure what to do next.

Between dealing with the lender, the builder, the council, the tradesman, the lawyer, the valuer, and the new neighbours, it can all end up too much.

DUX Financial is there as the facilitator for you, yes we will get you the property finance, but we do more than that.

We will help:

You find the right builder.

Talk you through the process of what needs to happen.

Understand the way the progress payments work.

Advise on the council requirements.

Generally be the person who knows what is happening next so that you know there is only one person to have to check with, and we will check with everyone else.

So if you are looking at building a house, and want to enjoy the process, why not get in touch and let’s talk about what you are looking to achieve.