Rental Property

Rental property is a very common way for NZers to help plan for their future retirement. However, too often people just jump in without looking at what their needs are, or how it will work for them.

DUX Financial offers two services in this area.

Rental Property finance

If you simply want to get finance, and do not want the full analysis, we have a straightforward process to help you get the finance you need, in the structure that best fits your circumstance.  We will:

  1. Meet with you to discuss your finance needs and risks.
  2. Recommend any professionals you need but do not currently have a relationship with (lawyer, accountant, and property manager) to help improve the state of your finances.
  3. Organise the finance for you.
  4. Liaise with your accountant to make sure the loan structure fits your taxation strategy as advised by your accountant.
  5. Present a report for you with our recommendations for structure, payments, and repayment strategies.
  6. Provide ongoing advice to assist you with building your property portfolio and paying off your mortgage.

Rental Property

Rental Property Investment Analysis and Finance

With this service, we do everything that we do in the finance service, but we also help you answer the question of “is this a good investment?” Simply put, we will work with you to look at your current situation, your future desired situation and if this property will help you get there, and what your other investments are doing in this area.

This will give you an idea of what your future needs are, which most NZers have no idea about, as well as a roadmap to get there.

There is a charge for this service, which we will agree with you before any work is done, and on our “no value, no payment” guarantee.