Sophie – Senior Adviser, Department of Labour

I’ve always wanted to own a house of my own, but never really thought about the logistics. I did some perfunctory research into my financial situation (not so good).

So, I called Alan, who I’ve known for years as I didn’t actually know anyone else who did the financial/mortgage thing. Alan was totally up-front about his obligations as a financial advisor, and gave me all that information to take home with me. We sat down the next day with a coffee, and when I’d finished, I’d come to the depressing conclusion that buying a house was completely mental at this time.

Alan, changed my focus from where I am right to where I can be in a year’s time, with a surprisingly small amount of fuss and sacrifice. Plus, he was super positive, which was what I needed. Instead of walking away miserable that the house of my dreams was not to be, I’ve gotten really excited about house-hunting in a year or two.

And when I do decide to take the plunge, I’ll call Alan to help me because he’s good at what he does, and I absolutely trust his advice.